A global money remitter operating across Europe and Africa needed to streamline internal reporting processes. Operating across multiple markets, each with their own regulatory requirements, banking infrastructure and reporting formats created a challenge when trying to scale into new markets. 

Initially, reporting and transformation work was predominantly done manually: Analysts would download reports from various online interfaces in Excel, process them into new tables, then manually consolidate them for input into a central treasury tool. For this (and other) processes, Amberstone was brought in to streamline the operations.

The Solution

After assessing the various reporting needs, Amberstone designed and built an extensible reporting automation platform designed for a combination of manual file uploads, automated API ingestion, and programmable reporting.
This platform was then used to automate several unique reports in the business, including:
  • Transforming online banking statements into importable formats
  • Calculating Bitcoin treasury data with currency conversion via XE
  • Consolidating Xero ledgers from multiple entities into a single global view
  • Converting treasury export files to financial compliance reporting formats
  • Automating the delivery of CSV data to the treasury platform
In all cases, there porting interfaces were made as user-friendly as possible, which enabled various departments within the business to use the tool without requiring extensive training.
This reporting platform ended up saving hundreds of effort-hours across the organization every month, between the elimination of manual Excel reporting procedures and the element of human error.

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