Customer Data Warehouse

This customer is active in the debt counselling market in South Africa. Like most businesses, having clear insight into a customer's profile is essential - even more so in a world where POPIA is looming over us, and GDPR-like rules are sure to follow in a few years.

To do effective digital marketing, you really need a large amount of well-structured profile and interaction data. These can drive models and decision trees which enable a more personalized marketing experience - beyond simple blind mailers or bulk SMS campaigns.

The Problem

While this customer does have a core CRM system, there's no real marketing capability to speak of. Lots of information accumulated in different systems (the CRM, the call center system, the customer support platform, and so on), but none of it was available in a single, coherent view.

As a result, doing sophisticated digital marketing was an impossibility. Campaigns were generally broad, with a narrow focus, focused entirely on acquisition.

The Solution

Customer Data Warehouse Chart

A bespoke customer data warehouse solution, scaled to the needs of the customer's business. This warehouse (still in active development) resides within the customer's own infrastructure, and is designed to:

  • Accept customer data from multiple sources
  • Intelligently match and de-duplicate incoming records
  • Export activity profiles that can be fed into scoring systems
  • Look up opt-in information for POPIA compliance purposes

This warehouse now powers several new marketing campaigns. The customer runs their own ML models across activity data and generates highly targeted segments for digital marketing.

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