Custom Report Generator

This customer operates in the financial services sector, running a cross-border payment and remittance product across several African and European markets. They operate across many different financial tools in different markets - banks, forex services, government compliance portals, and so on.

The Problem

Being a financial services firm, there is no end to the amount of reporting that has to be done. Daily, weekly and monthly transaction reconciliations, regulatory financial reporting, and converting file formats between different vendors in a consistent manner were all ongoing problems for this customer.

The Solution

A bespoke web-based tool running directly on the customer's own AWS environment (to tick all the compliance boxes). This tool fulfills several functions:

  • Retrieving currency conversion rates automatically
  • Providing a user-friendly interface to upload new spreadsheets
  • Powering a robust workflow system with detailed reporting
  • Generating the exact required output for external systems
  • Integrating directly with line-of-business systems

The tool was designed to use a combination of standard SQL and custom PHP scripting to transform provided data, as well as maintain an internal database of reference information (currency conversion rates, mainly), which are already being used across other areas of the business.

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