Budget Management Platform

Managing procurement is a headache at the best of times. When it involves several hundred projects around the world every year, it becomes quite a challenge. When those projects require ongoing feedback from hundreds of partners every month, and your current process is mostly Excel-driven, you're looking at quite a few sleepless nights per month.

The Problem

My customer is a small procurement department within a global enterprise. They're responsible for managing budget and delivery for marketing projects across the globe, coordinating with several different agencies and lots of different offices.

Most of that work is done in Excel - spreadsheet templates that are emailed around and inconsistently updated. Monthly reconciliation and reporting is a challenge, leaving no time for providing deeper insight into the details.

The Solution

A web-based procurement management system was designed and iteratively developed over the course of several months. It replaced the functions of most of the Excel spreadsheets, and evolved into a collaborative platform.

Budget Management Platform Diagram

On this platform, marketing agencies and procurement departments can coordinate on:

  • Defining new Scopes of Work
  • Declaring projects and deadlines
  • Building out pricing by selecting from a menu of configurable deliverables
  • Completing a procurement approval process directly in the tool
  • Submitting monthly progress updates online

This platform now manages almost £60 million in annual marketing spend for over 100 markets around the world. It adheres to the client's strict IT security requirements, and is hosted in their own datacenter.

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