Lead Integration Platform

To manage a large array of integration channels and external partners - while ensuring a consistent delivery of data to an internal business system - Amberstone developed a unified lead integration platform.

Budget Management Platform

To replace a manual, Excel-heavy process for managing a large global marketing budget, Amberstone developed a bespoke Budget Management Platform, centralizing most of the setup and review work in a single web-based system.

Custom Report Generator

Amberstone built a custom reporting platform to reduce the amount of manual work (and human error) involved in the reporting and integration work for a financial services company.

Customer Data Warehouse

Amberstone designed a bespoke data warehouse solution (with schemas and integration logic) to support a customer's digital marketing ambitions. This warehouse would enable the customer to drive personalized, dynamic marketing campaigns across multiple channels.

Driverscan - Driver license decoding as a service

Driverscan is a Software-as-a-Service platform provided by Apex Technology that lets users decode the information stored in South African and Namibian driver/vehicle license barcodes. The service offers a simple REST API that returns decoded JSON objects.

What small businesses need to know about GDPR

On the 25th of May this year, GDPR comes into effect around the world. It affects all businesses with a presence in the EU – whether you’re headquartered there, or whether you’re just providing services to EU residents over the internet.