Tech Advisory and Development
Your business doesn't fit on a shelf. Why should your tech stack?

The technology landscape is constantly evolving, and your business needs to evolve along with it. That can be tough, especially when you're not getting full ROI from your technology investment.

Whether you need to get a grip on your current technology environment, make sense of vendor jargon during an RFP, bridge the gap between business and technical people, or need something specific developed for your business - Amberstone can help.

What we do.

System Architecture
The departure point for any robust system is a good architecture. Based on your business requirements (and vendor constraints), we can come up with a solid design for your project.
Environment Audits
Lost track of your IT infrastructure? Not sure where all your desktops, laptops, services and cloud services are? We can help you untangle the mess.
If you're stuck on a technical challenge, chances are the solution is out there - and we can help you find it. Anything from executive summaries to comprehensive briefs on given subjects.
Vendor Evaluation
If you're trying to decide on whether or not a vendor's solution really meets your requirements we can help. We're diligent, thorough and completely vendor-neutral advisers.
Project Management
All Amberstone projects include project management facilities from our end - tasks, milestones, deadlines, role assignments and weekly dashboards.
Business Requirements
Keeping everybody on the same page! We're able to turn noisy business processes into easy-to-follow documentation.
Technical Specifications
We speak both "business" and "technology", and can turn business requirements into detailed technical specifications.
Dashboard Builds
Already got a data visualization platform in place, but not getting the charts and insights you need? We can help with that!
Custom Web Applications
We've done everything from employee lunch ordering to global marketing budget management. If it can be done in a web app, we can do it.
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