Driverscan – Driver license decoding as a service

Driverscan is a Software-as-a-Service platform provided by Apex Technology that lets users decode the information stored in South African and Namibian driver/vehicle license barcodes. The service offers a simple REST API that returns decoded JSON objects.

Driverscan Dashboard

Driverscan Dashboard
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The decoding technology behind Driverscan was developed by Apex Technology. Amberstone was contracted to build out a robust web application around the decoder, to replace the existing web application.

The new application allows end-users to register and activate, then top-up their own account with an instant PayFast purchase. Optionally, users can contact Apex sales to be set up as a contract customer, and receive post-paid invoices.

The following features were implemented:

  • Laravel 5.2 web application
  • User account management, with self-service registration and activation
  • Self-service top-up system integrated with PayFast (for pay-as-you-use customers)
  • Backend integration to Freshbooks (for invoicing contract customers)
  • Full scan audit, with every API call logged
  • Error log audit accessible through the web interface
  • Detailed API documentation with live cURL samples for rapid integration
  • Marketing content on the front page

During deployment, the users and transaction history from the existing application were migrated over to ensure continuity of service.

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